Suggest Time Feature

Select the cities you wish to communicate between, then tap the "Suggest Time" button for TimeScroller to automatically suggest a time. The display will also update showing just those cities, making the choice of a time even easier.

You can use the step or scroll buttons to look at alternative times. Tap the display once again to redisplay all the cities.


Aside from configuring the list of cities, there are also other display preferences.

You can also easily specify the rules which determine the colors to be displayed for the different times of the day. These rules are also used by the Suggest Time function.



  1. Simple, compact display shows up to 9 cities without the need to scroll.

  2. Takes into account daylight saving rules for all cities.    

  3. Configurable to show different colors for different times of the day - for example "green" for normal office hours, "amber" for the evening, etc.

  4. Unique suggest time feature.

  5. Draft email listing times.

  6. TimeScroller does not require an internet connection, saving time & bandwidth.


Initially, the current times for your chosen cities are shown, with color coded icons quickly showing if now is a good time to call. If not, a drag on the "TimeScroller" button will rapidly advance the times to find a more suitable time later in the day. Alternatively, the step buttons can be used to adjust the time or day.

Draft email

Once a time has been selected, an email button appears which will automatically draft an email for you listing the times against the city names.

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