The TimeScroller Widget for OSX Dashboard is a simple, compact, way of displaying world times on your Macintosh.

Normally the current times are shown, but if you want to work out the time for a future event, just click on the scroller and drag.... the times for all the cities will rapidly update. A quick look at the colour coded icon will indicate if it is a good time for that overseas phone call!

And what's more, once you've chosen a time, a click on the mail button automatically drafts an email for you including the times for the meeting.

TimeScroller can be configured to show the times in up to 20 cities simultaneously. It can also be configured to show different colors for different times of the day - for example "green" for normal office hours.

TimeScroller does not require an internet connection to run.

Version: 1.6

Licence: Freeware

Release date: February 11th, 2009

Requirements: OSX 10.4

Recommended: OSX 10.4.3

Download size: 284 KB

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